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John: Rome private driver


Rome private driver, the best choice for your city tour

Since 1998 in Italy John started a small group of special drivers with Authorized licenses to serve English/Spanish-Speaking clients arriving to Italy needing transfers, shore excursions, and rome limousine tours.

John’s Limousine Service business as Rome private driver is based in Italy for more than 15 years. All Drivers operate modern Mercedes Sedans and Luxury Vans capable of providing Quality service to all Americans, Canadians, English and Australian Tourists. We provide Secure Reliable Limousine Service in Rome, Limousine Service Full Day in Civitavecchia and direct transfers to Fiumicno. All Civitavecchia Shore Excursion, Naples Port Excursion, Livorno Port Excursion and Private Tours in Italy for all English & Spanish speaking clients are only somwe of the services made by John private driver in Rome. Plus, we can coordinate great Vatican Private Tours covering the Museums, Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter’s Basilica.

2John was born in Boston, Massachusets in 1958. His parents lived in Boston for one year, and later returned to Rome. John`s mother was born in Rome. While his father in Naples had a mother born in New York City.

John’s parents mostly lived in Rome, Italy since his father worked at the United States Embassy in Rome. Thus, John’s education was thru private American Schools.

He was educated in private American Schools in Rome like Overseas Elementary School and Notre Dame International School, a fully accredited high school following an American curriculum.

After the diploma from High School in June 1976, John went to New York University in Manhattan. After attending the University for four full years he received his degree of Bachelor of Science from the College of Business and Public Administration.

private-driver-in-rome_johnLater he transferred out to Texas, San Antonio to work in residential real estate. While working in real estate he attended Trinity University’s Master in Business Administration program.john-bachelor.thumbnail

Following Texas John trasferred back to Rome, Italy to work in the finance department of BNL Bank. While working in the italian bank John perfected his Italian. Thus, now he is a fluent English-Italian speaking individual married to a wonderful wife from Milan, Italy.

John met his wife while working in Rome in the BNL Bank. But John was not content of the banking office thus changed his work to go into ‘Limousine Service’ specialized in private driver for Rome Tours, Vatican Tours, Civitavecchia Excursions, Naples, Italy Tours and all transfers from Rome to all major cities. After 10 years of Rome Tours and Transfers in Italy John created a small group of Special Drivers with Authorized limo licenses to work English/American clients going to Italy. Great service from Naples Port, Civitavecchia Port, and Livorno Port (Pisa & Florence).