Cell/WhatsApp: +39 338 428 9389

Without prepayment or credit card numbers required:
We do not ask prepayment or credit card numbers to reserve the most patr of our services. In case of your problems or deleted arrive, please advise us – up to 24 hours before – on our mobile number: +39 335 7320200.
We will not charge to you money for “NO SHOWS” but so our driver will not wait uselessly. Thanks for your cooperation.

With prepayment or credit card numbers required:
There will be a full charge for booking cancelled with less than 48 hour notice for any service required. If you miss your flight or if your airline decides to cancel the flight due to bad weather or if your flight is directed to another airport on arrival, please advise us on time (as soon as you know ) or a full charge will be made. Please give us enough time so we can accept other reservations and allocate them to our drivers. If the ship does not make it to the pier due to severe weather conditions you will not be considered responsible and therefore NO CHARGES will be made to your credit card although a FULL CHARGE.

Will be made for “NO SHOWS” without cancellations 48 hrs prior to each service by e-mail.